Fran Creffield

Therapeutic Writing Practitioner: Writer – Counsellor - Facilitator – Coach

My name is Fran Creffield and I’m a self-employed, mature, intelligent and insightful woman with a particular interest, and over 30 years’ experience, in writing both commercial and therapeutic.

Words are powerful and I believe mastery of them can be life-changing so as well as developing my own practice I facilitate the process for others.

I’m available for writing commissions; for hire as a facilitator; available to give talks on the writing process and I take clients for individual, ongoing, counselling and coaching either via Skype or in person if you are local.

I have many years of experience working with a wide variety of clients particularly in the areas of addiction, trauma and grief. I am always keen to expand into new areas, share my knowledge and expertise and further develop my skills.


Writer: I have always written since being a small child. At school I won the W.H. Smith Young Writer of the Year Award and a merit award from Buckingham Palace. I still regularly enter writing competitions, perform poetry and write daily for work and pleasure.

Over the years I have written articles for many publications including the dating website eHarmony. I have an MA in Creative Writing and Personal Development from the University of Sussex. I also write for newspapers, academic journals, factual and prose pieces and as much of my commercial work is for websites I am proficient in copywriting and SEO.

Counsellor: I trained with Relate, hold certificates in counselling and communication and have many years’ experience working with people in addiction. I have worked with dozens of people over the years using writing as a therapeutic tool to help them overcome issues in their life such as grief or relationship crisis. It is an extremely effective way of working and I have had many good outcomes. Working in this way equips people with tools they can utilise for the rest of their life.

Facilitator: I have facilitated writing groups for many years working in retreat centres, mental health day centres and running my own bespoke courses. I hold a safe space for people to explore their own process through writing and am able to adapt so the work is a group led process.

Coach: I have worked with many people including students and writers coaching and supporting them to find their writing voice. This is an extremely rewarding part of my work and can be extremely beneficial for anyone who struggles with confidence or writers block.

I had my own professional coach and mentor Gillie Bolton. She taught me on my first writers training Course at Northern College in Barnsley over 20 years ago. She became my mentor after I finished my MA in 2006 and helped me find my voice as a writer and faith in myself as a facilitator of other people’s growth and learning through words.

I contributed to her book Writing Routes: A Resource Handbook of Therapeutic Writing. London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers 2010.

02:Professional life and qualifications

Vital Detox

2014 - Present

Facilitator of creative writing workshops and 1-1 therapeutic writing sessions for help with addiction at a residential retreat centre in Somerset 10 weeks a year.,

eHarmony UK and AU

2011 - 2014

Writing monthly relationship advice articles for website.

Brand Vaughan

2011 - 2014

Writing creative reviews of properties for sale in the Brighton and Hove area.

Shoreham and District Mental Health Association

2008 - 11

Main duties in this role were to provide guidance and counselling to individuals and groups; run creative writing courses; facilitate poetry workshops; provide 1-1 writing therapy and continually research ways in which writing could be used to promote better mental health.

Master’s Degree - University of Sussex

2005 - 07

MA Creative Writing and Personal Development

Counselling - York College

2000 - 01

Counselling Skills Levels 1 and 2

Couples counselling - Relate

1997 - 2002

Relationship counsellor working with couples and individuals on all aspects of relationships. Completed initial 2 year training and participated in all ongoing supervision and training.

Bachelor’s Degree - University of York

1994 - 97

BA Hons Educational Studies, 2:1

03:Services offered


I am available to write features, articles and copy for websites and publications. I am very happy to write on any subject and welcome new clients. I specialise in the areas of addiction and relationships.

Counsellor and Coach

Between retreats I am available to work with clients in groups and on a 1-1 basis. I arrange regular ongoing meetings either in person or via Skype. Therapeutic writing works particularly well with people who are struggling with addictions. No previous writing experience is needed.


I am available to work in groups and organisations throughout the UK and further afield by arrangement. I have a current CRB check and am qualified to work with young people and children. I specialise in the area of addiction and am available for work in treatment centres.

Please contact me through the website with queries and to discuss availability and rates.


Anna Tolson - Director Vital Detox Retreats

Fran is a fantastic new member of the Vital Detox team. I have worked with her personally on an important project and am delighted with what we achieved in such a short time. She was patient, insightful, firm, hard-working, supportive, kind and brilliant company. Her workshops and one to one sessions on retreat are very popular and the feedback we receive is extremely positive. I can't recommend her highly enough.

Dorothy Price – private client

Working with Fran using therapeutic writing exercises has helped me more than I could ever have hoped. It helped me overcome long-standing learning hurdles, find my voice and communicate ideas in ways that have improved my confidence and self-esteem.

Toni Obee – private client

Working with Fran helped me face my addictions and OCD in ways that I never could have through any other kind of therapy. Her expertise, support and encouragement have helped me move beyond addiction into a writing career of my own – forever grateful.

Julia Filsell - formerly content manager at eHarmony UK

Fran worked as a freelancer for eHarmony for many years, and I was highly impressed with the quality of her work. She wrote articles each month for our UK and Australian Advice sites, and each article is very well written, researched and executed. She very quickly understood the eHarmony tone and our complex approach to online dating. She is also very punctual and responsive - an essential quality when working in a fast moving online business.

Bella Cranmore – Account Director at Search Marketing Agency: Upstream Connections

Fran is an excellent copywriter and brings years of life experience to everything she works on. On a personal level she has a very natural way with people instantly setting them at ease, and this comes across in her writing. Highly reliable and competent, Fran is also a pleasure to work with.

Suzanne Harrington - Journalist and author of The Liberty Tree: Atlantic Books pub July 2013

Fran has an ability to get to the heart of the matter with insight, intuition and brevity. She is emotionally honest and authentic, and her writing is rich both in knowledge and wisdom. As a councillor and facilitator she draws on a wealth of personal experience; knowledge and intuition and has supported me through my writing and addictions in a way few others could.

06:Get In Touch